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Storyteller At The Furnace

Storyteller At The Furnace

Friends –

There is a special place – my favorite -- at Arches NP called the Fiery Furnace. It is called this because the acres of narrow sandstone fins and arches light up so bright in the evening sunlight that it looks like flames from a fire. I have been inside the mysterious passageways several times and it always makes me feel tough, adventurous and awed.

The view for 'Storyteller at the Furnace' was taken from rocks that are on the outer edge of the Furnace – visible from the end of a constructed overlook which is accessible to almost anyone.

Originally, I named this painting "Messy Kitchen" because my mind always reflected wonderingly on the enormous plops, drops, drains and dribbles that are now hardened sandstone. Some creator letting her kids help with the pancakes in the celestially-sized kitchen, perhaps?

However, a friend of mine suggested that it reminded her of a 'Storyteller' and I could not reverse that thought so I changed the name of the painting. After all, it does look overwhelmingly like an ancient mother passing on to her young listeners essential stories. These stories honor ancestors and all life -- especially plants, animals, sky and earth -- and how we are connected to the survival of these. Reflections on our intimacy with the natural environment is something that has been told in stories – presumably by the same peoples that lived here some 1,000 years ago.

So, 'Storyteller at the Furnace' it is. Go there some day and sit down in the circle. You will be outsized, but not unwelcome. (permit required).

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P.S. This painting has not been spoken for and if you would like to have her, perhaps a donation to a non-profit that helps us protect these lands (as the Storyteller would advise) is most appropriate. But we can talk!