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Secret Place
Secret Place

Friends –

I am one lucky duck to have ownership of two homes when so many people do not even have one. Both are located in areas that are in proximity to beautiful outdoor places to which I can escape.

But having two abodes can be tricky for people like me. There are some downsides. I get attached and downbeat when it comes time to leave one or the other again. It is a bummer. Even the fact that I know this happens does not make it any less impactful.

But what helps is to record moments at my favorite places right before I leave, as I did in this pastel, "Secret Place'". Better than relying on memory or a photograph, creating a painting helps 'take me there' best of all. In this way, I see it, smell it and even hear the sounds that are made there…. even if I am physically located somewhere else.

'Secret Place'' is one of my favorite little views of Mill Creek which I try to include in morning walks from my house. I rarely see anybody else there. Certainly not unknown, I nonetheless think of it as my secret. Yet, I am willing to share this 9x12" soft pastel if someone would like to make a donation to a worthwhile cause. There are so many that need help these days…

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