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Come Sit

Come Sit

Friends –

"Come Sit" is a pastel painting that really just started as a doodle. Working back into pastels after months of oil, the effort was more about trying to remember how to use these colors. At least, that is the way it started.

It was because of the encouragement of friends that I took the extra bit of effort to turn this doodle into a painting and frame it. I am grateful for my friends and their counsel.

You should know that this very inviting bench is real. It is located in the town of Bluff, Utah, down near the San Juan River. The days that I was there to visit and sit were cloudy and stormy. But I am sure that on a good sunset day, it is an excellent place to rest and watch changing colors in the sky. Additionally, the sense of acceptance and inclusiveness that I got when I visited made me feel certain that the whole rainbow of colors was there.

Those that go there with open hearts will see this, too.

"Come Sit" is already spoken for and will be given as a thank you for a donation to Friends of Cedar Mesa. It will soon have an honored bit of wall space in Texas.

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